Changing First Time Shoppers to Loyal Consumers Is a Challenge. Here’s the Secret

Retaining your customers is one of the few ways of achieving success in your business whether online or offline. Most expenses made in business while building it up are regained from regular customers. In order to do this, you must build a good customer retention strategy in order to give your first-time shoppers a good impression, keep them satisfied and happy and have them coming back every single time. Below are tips that aim at turning your first-time shoppers to permanent customers and have your business achieve success.

Taking Advantage of your Employee Base

Your employees are the closest marketing resource to your customers. So a first-time shopper to your business makes contact with an employee first before any other thing. Having passionate, engaged and cheerful employees always make the first impression on personal customer experiences and that begins to build customer loyalty. Retailers and business owners are advised to give their employees a reason to care and make them understand that a positive attitude to a customer has a big role to play in retaining their customer base. Engaged workers that have a passion for what they do and care about the growth of the business always naturally share their passion with the customers and thereby delivering helpful and interactive customer service.

Good Customer Relations

Customers are people so treat them as one and they will be happy to come back. Always make an effort to relate with your customers on a personal level. This will really help you to know what their needs and wants are and help you know where to improve on. This gives you a chance to a sustainable business. Also, appreciate your customers for their patronage, everyone loves to be appreciated. You could do this in form of discount for loyal customers, gift cards for first-time shoppers or even a simple “THANKYOU” can go a long way in keeping your customers happy. You could also ask for feedback from your customers, these will give them a sense of importance and also help you know what they liked or disliked.


This is another important tool to making customers happy. This simply means that you must be consistent in providing first class services. Whatever that attracted them to your product or service should never depreciate rather the value should improve. Normally, organizations tend to lose customers when their product or service stop meeting up with the demand of their customers. Consistency brings about prediction in your services so it is a great tool in forging a relationship of trust with your customers which brings about the absolute loyalty and satisfaction in your customers. Just as with having appropriate insurance cover, consistency in making a promise to your customers and keeping it is also very important because they all improve the worth of trust your customers have for you.

Offer A Simple Way to Pay

The easier it is for customers to pay for your product or service the more likely it is for them to come back. Make use of new payment technologies such as PayPal and Vento to make paying easy for your customers.