Are We Really Ready to Switch to Electric Cars

In most countries around the world the governments are pushing towards the use of Electric cars, with many countries implementing deadlines when petrol, diesel and hybrid cars will no longer be sold. In the UK, for example, the deadline is now 2035 although there are some government advisors saying this should be brought forward even earlier to 2032.

With the deadline potentially just over a decade away, it begs the question are we really ready to switch to electric cars?

Thankfully Leasecar have saved us the trouble of investing and done the research for us about whether we’re really ready to switch to electric cars and what’s getting in our way. If you’re interested in learning more, read on to learn if we are really ready to switch to electric cars.

A whopping of 59% of survey responders commented that they use petrol operated vehicles, while 25% said they have a car with a diesel engine. 7% of people surveyed said they used a hybrid car, meaning that over 91% of car owners had a vehicle that relied on some kind of fuel. Only 3% of those surveyed reported owning an electric vehicle, meaning that we still have a very long way before fuel based vehicles are completely replaced.

However the future definitely looks electric with 43% saying they were very likely to purchase an electric vehicle in future, and 40% responded that they are ‘somewhat likely’ to do so. Only 17% of respondents commented that they’re “unlikely” to purchase an electric vehicle.

One of the biggest barriers to purchasing an electric vehicle, and 70% of those surveyed said they would be more likely to make the switch to an electric vehicle if the price point was lower. Another barrier to going electric is the number of power points for charging, with around 65% of respondents saying they impacted their choice to go electric.

Governments across the board are injecting considerable money to help make this change possible as the environmental benefits are substantial.

Based on these results I’d say the majority of people are looking to move towards electric vehicles as they upgrade, however price and accessibility is still perceived as a substantial barrier.