5 Accessories That Will Liven Up The Home

Everyday life can be pretty mundane at times, so it’s nice to have a change in our environment. And we can start by livening up our home with accessories! There’s an abundance of accessories we can get our hands on, from all sorts of places. Whether it’s a budget bric-brac store, a major retailer like Super Amart or something you make yourself, you’ll find accessories that suits your budget and will definitely liven up your home!


1. For the Living Room

This is possibly the room where families spend the most time relaxing or entertaining, so you’ll want to dress this room up. There are ways you can fancy up your walls, and in turn, transform your living room. You can start by having one to three pieces of wall art – less is more. Bright abstract art is best for livening up a room, and equally effective is either a large photo or painting of a bright and lively scene – perhaps a hot air balloon, or a piece with a seasonal theme. For something different, try new wallpaper! Gone are the days when wallpaper was drab or downright ugly, and covered every inch of wall. Now, apply funky, larger-than-life designer wallpaper to just one wall, and voila! You have a new feature wall! Plus, geometric patterns are all the rage right now, so this sort of pattern will do wonders, and you can change it whenever you feel like it!

2. For the Dining Room

Add some excitement to your dining room by switching up your dining set. Feminine lines are the look to have this year, for formal dining or entertaining. Curvy wine glasses and crockery are must-haves to spice up your dining experience.


3. For the Kitchen

You may have noticed that brightly coloured utensils and cookware are in abundance. Why not swap your boring utensils for funky bright coloured ones? Even pots and pans come in a range of colours, which makes for some kitchen fun! They’re not all expensive too – you’ll find plenty at reasonable prices.

4. For the Bathroom

Modernise your bathroom by switching your old towels to more sophisticated ones. Either choose colours you wouldn’t ordinarily consider, or take advantage of the many designed towels available now, inspired by nature, architecture or modern art. Store your cool new towels on a stand in the bathroom itself (if you have the space), rather than hiding them in a closet!

5. For the Laundry

Make laundry fun with some colourful laundry bags. Make them yourself by adding a drawstring to some colourful pillowcases, then assign a different bag to different types of clothing. Hang them up on hooks in your laundry room

There are countless accessories you can have that will liven up your home. And it’s now more affordable than ever. Be creative and go with something you wouldn’t have ordinarily chosen before. You’ll not only freshen up your home, but it can change the way you think too!

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