My Favourite Travel Destinations

A few days ago, someone asked me about my favourite places to travel. This was harder to answer than you would think, as I genuinely feel like each place I’ve travelled has offered me something new and exciting.

After a bit of consideration however, I realised that some countries stand out to me because of their culture, history, architecture, food, or people, so here are my favourite travel destinations:



I love Thailand, and when I need a big city I always head to Bangkok. This place has everything, from the backpacker district in Khao San road, to the upscale bars and restaurants in the city.

In Bangkok I tasted the best street food of my life, all for under $2 a meal. The Thai people are warm and funny, and the public transport works well. This is a city which is great to visit if you’re missing a few things from home or simply want to go to the movies or wander around a mall, but also has plenty of culture and history which you’ll find in the temples and museums.


I love Portugal so much that I couldn’t even choose a favorite city or town. The whole country is a stand-out to me, and is also a favourite beach destination for many Europeans. One of the things I like the most about Portugal is that the country is so diverse. If you want to seclude yourself at an all-inclusive resort and lie on the beach all day, Portugal has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But if you’re a little more active and like to see history and architecture, it has a wealth of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and museums which can teach you about the ancient history in the area.



I lived in Beijing for a little under a year, and while the city underwhelmed me, I was lucky enough to visit Shanghai. Shanghai is like Beijing’s glamorous, interesting older sister, and has far less pollution than Beijing. The city is gorgeous, clean, and is both modern and unmistakably Chinese. Be sure to visit Shanghai if you make it to China.


While I wouldn’t recommend visiting Chicago in the winter, the city truly shines in the warmer months. In fact, I doubt I’ve had a summer which I loved more than the one I had in Chicago. From strolling down the Magnificent Mile, to taking a boat out into the water or relaxing on the lake, Chicago has something I can’t quite put my finger on but i like it. Maybe it’s the locals who go out of their way to help you, or the amazing food (try the deep dish pizza).

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