Experience Okinawa in 2020 today

Asia is one of the most picturesque locations in the world. The abundance of tropical rainforests, wildlife sanctuaries and population of diverse cultural ethnicities fascinates a great number of travelers. Japan is one such country in the continent where you get to see a confluence of all.

Souvenirs from Okinawa

Why head to Japan?

Japan is considered as one of the friendliest countries in the world. The lip-smacking cuisine and politeness of its citizens is… Read more »

Venues in the North East that you must visit on your next weekend away!

Partying in a different region is always fun, but planning can sometimes be difficult when you’re not too sure on the best venues in town. Whether it’s for a group of friends or for the office party, you’ve been given the duty of finding the best venue to keep everyone happy. It’s a big ask, but if you get it right, you’ll definitely be the top best friend/co-worker/sibling for a good few weeks.

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Looking beautiful with your beau this summer

‘Catch flights not feelings’ has established itself as one of the most popular Instagram captions in recent years, but what if you already have those butterflies? Then we all know spending a few days full of romance is a must. Indulge in each other’s company while you can, while similarly taking in as much of the culture as you can. At this stage your young and taking on the world is what you need to… Read more »

Summer in the UK: A guide to the most scenic national parks to visit this bank holiday

People in the UK don’t usually get to experience a lot of sunshine, so when the summer months do finally roll in, people flock to the country’s many national parks and places of beauty to spend some much-needed holiday time. A 2019 study revealed that one in three Brits opt to spend their bank holiday vacation closer to home, so why is the UK so popular as a destination?

With a total of fifteen… Read more »

5 Best International Destinations for the Shopaholics

If your soul begins pounding at the blunt sight of a “sale” badge, or if you have been recognized to push other buyers out of the way for exclusively getting amid you and those must-have boots, this tally is for you.

We have summed up the planet`s five best international destinations for shopaholics for those of you who arrange your trips with retail therapy built-in, whether you are in… Read more »

Why you should visit North Carolina

North Carolina is known for many good things. It is popularly known for sweet tea, NASCAR and the duke that is Chapel Hill rivalry.

North Carolina is also known for having the best place for stress relieving massage and yoga practices called The Art of Living Retreat Center. Founded by renown humanitarian leader and spiritual teacher Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The AOLRC is a center and Ayurvedic Spa for spiritual… Read more »

5 Benefits to a Sailing Holiday

Summer is in full force, meaning that it’s the perfect time to head off and enjoy a trip away with your loved ones. If you haven’t yet planned your summer vacations, then I’ve got a wonderful suggestion for you: why don’t you head off on a sailing holiday? You can take a day trip and enjoy all the benefits of sailing, but the truth is a sailing trip is especially nice if you’ve got a… Read more »

6 Reasons to Visit the Maldives At Least Once in Your Life

The truth is, once in your life might not be enough! The Maldives is one of the most beautiful places on earth and everyone should go there at least one. The biggest challenge will not be getting there, nor finding somewhere incredible to stay, but getting yourself on the plane at the end of the trip because you simply wont want to leave. Who would want to pack their things and leave paradise? No one!… Read more »

How to take a Luxury Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

If you’re sick of travelling cheap and ready to enjoy a little luxury without blowing your budget, this post is for you. Here are some top ways you can have a luxurious holiday without breaking the bank:

Pick the right time

Picking the best possible dates can be crucial when it comes to booking a luxurious holiday. After all, you could end up spending twice as much (if not more) if you… Read more »

5 Tips for Booking a Europe Tour This Summer

Traveling around Europe is one of those Bucket list items that many travel lovers dream of – after all there are just so many great things so see in Europe it can be really hard to book a trip around! Maybe you’ve been dreaming of seeing the Eiffel tower in Paris, walking along Charles bridge in Prague or even cycling around the stunning streets of Amsterdam. One of the reasons Europe is such a great… Read more »