Creating A Safe Environment In The Workplace

Starting a business for you might have just begun with your laptop and an idea. Maybe your worked tirelessly every hour that you had to build it from nothing into what it is today. To the point where you have your own business location and employees. It is definitely something to be proud of. But, of course, with that comes added responsibility. You no longer just need to think of yourself and you now have the needs of others to consider. It is a big responsibility and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can create a safe environment in your workplace.



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Think about the parking and use of cars around the premises

Parking and cars in and around your workplace can be a recipe for disaster if you don’t take careful consideration for the parking arrangements. Sometimes people drive to fast in an area where pedestrians, such as your work colleagues, are there. This is when having a policy for parking and use of a car park could work in your favour. Having things like speed bumps to encourage low speeds. Having designated walking areas and cycle areas so that cars and pedestrians don’t really need to cross paths. Having a safe environment outside of the workplace can be just as important as inside as you have less control of the factors.


Do you have a valid HR policy to protect your employees?

As an employer you have a responsibility to ensure that you have a valid HR policy and contact within your business. No matter how many employees you have this helps to protect them if they have grievances, but it also protects you in regards to things like sick leave and holidays. This keeps both you and your employee on the same page when it comes to working for you, and protects both of you should any issues arise. This also could work with ensuring you have a healthy and safety practice in place ensuring you do regular checks of the workplace to keep things in order.


Regular feedback could prove useful

While it’s important to do all of the above, it is also ideal to gain feedback from the people you work for in regards to their working environment. Could things be done differently? Is there any improvements that could be made? This feedback could be crucial to helping improve productivity levels and morale within the office and working environment.


Encourage communication and good working relationships

Finally, just as much as you can do, the one thing you can’t control is people and how they act with one another. That goes without saying that some of your employees and colleagues may not get on so well. But, as an employer it is down to you to encourage good working relationships and communication within the workplace. Regular social events and team bonding sessions could help with this as well as group meetings about working agenda.


I hope these tips help you to create a sale working environment for your employees.