Keeping Yourself In Good Condition In 2017

It’s likely that every single person on the planet is going to have a new year’s resolution that involves bettering one’s self in one way or another.


It could be losing weight or learning a new hobby, it doesn’t matter. The coming of a new year brings change and people like to latch onto that idea and bring it into their own lives.


Change is good, right? But consistency is better. It’s all good having a goal, but if you betray that ideal, you’ll have got nowhere. If you want to lose weight, then lose your desired weight, then decide to go back to your habits, where do you end up?


A better goal is to seek small and subtle lifestyle change that can keep you in good condition not just for the coming year of 2017, but for the rest of your life.

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The easiest way to kick this off is to increase your fitness levels. Take the stairs if you’ll usually use an elevator, get off the bus a stop early and walk the rest of your way. Once you’re on the path it’s easier to kick on and better yourself. Wake up and do ten pushups, followed by ten sit ups to create a very good and easy habit that will start your 2017 off the right way.


It’s not just your body that you need to look out for. It’s far too easy to neglect your eyes and ears in favour of washboard abs. If your hearing is dull it might be a good idea to contact someone like to ensure that you can hear everything you need to in 2017. Likewise, if your sight seems unclear, get in touch with a doctor or optician as soon as possible.


If you’re eating badly, it might be reckless to make a wholesale change to your diet so fast. Make small changes and use those as building blocks to create a new future for yourself and your eating habits. Maybe you can cut out dangerous processed meats to create the foundations of your new diet? Then you might consider a move to eating poultry before possibly jumping to a meat-free diet? The choices are all for you to make.


Of course, your mind needs work. If you’re struggling with life, please seek help and open the conversations up. Applying spirituality and mindfulness practices to your day-to-day routine might have amazing benefits and open you up to new possibilities. Don’t rule it out.


And finally, if you are ill, there’s no shame in visiting the doctors. For whatever reason, human beings choose not to do it. Whilst you might not have a major illness, if you’re suffering from symptoms, get it logged down and see the doctor. It might just save your life.


Keeping in good condition isn’t a leap off a bridge, it’s about the small changes we can all make to live a happier life. Don’t jump into the unknown, just ask yourself about the small things you can change every day to look after yourself and those around you.