Preparing Your Business for Winter

This time of year is cosy and beautiful, isn’t it? Whilst natural light is hard to come by, there are sparkles on almost any street you’re walking down and the air is filled with spicy scents and cheerful cheeks. However, it’s the time of year where adverse weather and inevitable inebriation combine to bring about more accidents. Extra care should be taken in the winter months to protect your business and premises from incurring any accidents which can bring the season of cheer to a crashing halt.

Even seemingly small disruptions to your usual day to day service can have an impact on cash flow and expenses, and it is a good idea to make your business as winter ready as you can.

What is winter ready?

It depends on your business essentially, but getting winter ready should  be fairly straightforward, if you plan for it. In addition to the potential ice and snow, the winter more commonly than not brings about flooding and this can cause disruptions such as being unable to access buildings. Congestion on even rural roads can be incurred due to weather conditions, or sadly, accidents which are down to irresponsible driving.

What can I do?

Since there are different eventualities caused by differing issues, we have broken these down to common problems and their resolutions.


Ensure that the building is protected by flood defences when there are sever weather warnings. This way, you are protected in case of rising waters. If the journey to the building can be hazardous, or held up by floods, arrange for staff to work from home during these times.


There are incidents of fires at this time of year, perhaps exacerbated by the fact that everyone is cooking large dinners and often with added booze. Fires destroy buildings, so it’s best to ensure you are up to date with insurance and everything on the computers is backed up. Similarly, paper work should be backed up if possible.


Ice or snow can be lethal at this time of year, causing roads to be slippery and holding up traffic. Keep your eyes on local news and weather to check the state of roads. Grit your car park, and surrounding roads if possible. UK Landscapes gritting services provide this service, keeping you, customers and staff safe.


Storms can have knock on effects of flood or fire, as well as rain damage and other hazards. Stay connected to weather channels and keep alert where storms are concerned.