Non-Digital Marketing Strategies You May Be Missing

Today, when you talk about marketing many people automatically think about digital marketing. Marketing with technology is certainly a must for all businesses as more internet-connected devices are adopted by consumers. But if you put all of your focus on digital marketing you could miss lucrative offline marketing opportunities.

The marketing ideas below prove that even in the Internet of Things era there are offline tactics that work just as well as digital advertising.

Branded Packaging

Do you ship products to customers on a regular basis? Are you sending out packages to vendors frequently? Every time you ship something it’s a chance to increase brand awareness when you use customized packaging materials.

Most businesses don’t even consider their packaging options and just stick with plain cardboard boxes that look like every other package being shipped. But with custom printed boxes everyone along the way will see your branding.

What you can print these days is only limited to your imagination. There is also a large selection of packaging materials from custom folding carton boxes to super-sized corrugated cardboard boxes.


As long as millions of people across the U.S. continue driving cars there will be demand for prime billboard space. These massive signs are highly effective for businesses that target travelers, but they are also beneficial on busy streets with a lot of competing signage.

Billboards are still so good at spreading the word about a business some of them have evolved past static imagery and are now digital. Digital billboards have the advantage of being lit by bright LED lights and the messaging can be changed with a few clicks on a computer.

Bus and Vehicle Signs

Another way to get the attention of all those drivers and also pedestrians is with vehicle advertising. Wraps and magnetic signs can be applied to cars, vans and even buses. Digital printers can include any kind of imagery you want, including original logos and artwork.

This type of offline advertising can be extremely cost-effective when it’s done right. Basically, the vehicle will be a rolling billboard that goes with you everywhere.

Hosting/Sponsoring Live Events

Businesses generate a lot of leads and build relationships online, but it’s the interactions offline that tend to have the strongest impact. There are a number of reasons for this:

·  Attendees get to know the people behind the brand.

·  People will connect the company with the fun experience.

·  Events are not salesy or pushy.

Events are also a good marketing strategy because they provide reasonable excuses for following up with attendees (remind them of the event, thank them for coming, etc). Another benefit of sponsoring live events is other media outlets may cover the event and provide free advertising.

Of course, some marketers today consider live events to be a hybrid of online and offline marketing since the event can be promoted online before and after it happens.

Want to double the benefit of live events? Partner up with a philanthropic organization and host a fundraiser. Corporate philanthropy is a big positive with today’s consumers.

Sign Spinners

Sign spinners are now a common sight on street corners for one very good reason – they’re effective marketing. was among the first to report on the growing trend in 2013. At the time they noted that sign spinners were effective because they are hard to miss and can’t be blocked like some online ads.

However, there are two caveats. Sign spinning tends to be better in mild, warm climates where the weather doesn’t limit the activity as much. You also need a spinner with impressive moves and charisma.

Bulletin Board Flyers

While this offline marketing strategy may not be ideal for every type of business, it can be a winner for local service providers and storefronts. Many grocery stores, city parks and college campuses have bulletin boards where flyers can be posted. They may not get a lot of traffic, but it could be highly targeted.

For example, if you have a backpack store that specializes in helping customers choose the most ergonomic design, college bulletin boards would be a great marketing channel. For the cost of a few color prints you could get numerous customers.