Perfect Housewarming Gifts

When someone moves home or out of home, it can be hard figuring out the perfect housewarming gift for them. You want to find something they will use and that will make the already stressful moving process a little easier. Perhaps you have a relative heading away to college and you want to get something to start them off on the right foot. Maybe your children are finally leaving the nest and you’re worried they wont be able to afford everything they need. You may also be shopping for a gift for friends or family members who are getting married soon and starting their lives together. Here are my top housewarming gifts, that anyone is sure to treasure!

1. Rental City Gifts
This is the perfect gift for someone heading away to college, moving cities or just moving out of home. Furnishing an entire house can be frankly very expensive and often not worth it if you’re just living somewhere for a short period of time, like in the case of a internship. Consider gifting someone a rental of something they need around the house, from furniture to appliances. This can also be a great option in case of an emergency when something breaks down. Check out for great rental gift ideas.

2. Coffee Machines
I am a big coffee lover and something that was really important to me was buying a coffee machine. This is a great way for a coffee addict to save money, as daily lattes really add up. This is the perfect wedding gift, housewarming gift, or something to send your college student off in style. There are a huge range of coffee machines out there so it can be overwhelming trying to pick which one is going to work best, but I found a great range of options on Anthony Expresso that will suit all budgets.

3. A Custom Coffee Sleeve
Maybe you’re actually planning your own wedding and trying to think of sweet gifts for your guests. Maybe you want to get matching gifts for the whole family. Whatever the reason, why not consider a custom coffee sleeve? It’s a great gift for those of us who love coffee or tea, and a fun way to put a little personality into your gift. My favourite company, have a great range of colours and styles, so you can choose something that you will love.

4. Essential Oils
This is market is growing now that people are realising the power that high quality essential oils can have on your health, mood and energy levels. Many of the common issues from a stress filled life can be positively impacted with some good oils and a diffuser. Struggling to have consistent, deep sleep? Why not try some lavender oil. If you’re struggling with anxiety, you can try some sweet basil to help soothe you and reduce your stress levels. There are also a number of Botanic Universe dried herbs for sale that can help you relax and become more productive.

Finding the perfect gift is easy when you choose one of these gifts that are sure to delight your loved ones.