Special Ways to Celebrate a New Baby

There are few things more exciting than welcoming new life into this world. If someone you care about is having a baby soon or has recently had one, you may be struggling with what to get them. Chances are you’ll want to get something thoughtful, but something that will make things easier for the mum or baby. If you’re never had a baby yourself or it’s been a while since you were in that stage of your life, you may struggling with gift ideas for either a baby shower or the birth of a baby. Here are my tips for gifts to buy to celebrate a new baby:

1. A Special Bouquet of Flowers
Flowers are a lovely way to brighten up a hospital room or a house when there’s a new baby around. It’s a special time and chances are that mom will be really busy, so they can also help make a home feel more homely when it’s maybe not as organised as it usually is.┬áDid you know there’s such thing as birth flowers? Yes, so depending on the month you were born, there’s a specific flower that corresponds with that month. Choosing to buy a new mom the specific birth flower of their new baby is such a thoughtful way to show that you care, while brightening up her day. Being thoughtful and paying respect to the baby’s birth month is a great way to give a gift that is a little more thoughtful than usual! Not sure what birth flower you should be buying? Check out this helpful guide from Flying flowers.

2. Clothing But Not Extra Small
If you’ve been a new mom, you know that everyone is obsessed with tiny baby clothes: it seems the smaller the better. Many babies, unless they’re twins or born prematurely, rarely wear new born sized clothes for more than a few weeks. This means anything you buy that is tiny will likely only be used for a few weeks and then passed on or donated. It can be a nice idea to focus on clothing sizes that are bigger, such as six months old. That way the baby will get more wear out of them and it will ensure that the new mom is gifted clothing of all sizes – helping her to save money!

3. Something for Mom
So much of the focus when a baby is born is of course on the new baby. After all, newborns are adorable. But don’t forget that mom has just been through a pretty challenging 9 months as well as a hard labor and recover. It can be nice to get something specific for mom, whether it’s a voucher for a massage to use in a few months or a trip to the salon, something that encourages the new mom to take care of herself is a great idea. If finances are tight, why not consider cooking a few meals for the new mom, things like lasagna that can easily pop in the freezer and be heated up in a pinch. This is a great way to help her settle into her new role as a mom while showing you’re thinking of her!

4. Vouchers
If you’re not sure what to get the parents, consider buying them a voucher for a local or online baby store. This means the parents can get something they really need. At baby showers there’s often a bunch of clothes and things gifted that the parents may already have or not intend to use. Gifting a voucher shows you care and are thinking of the new baby, but that you want to help them with something useful. Some new parents also have gift registers so you can pop on and buy something that they have specifically suggested. This is a good option if you’re not sure what the new parents need.

Buying gifts to celebrate a new baby is an excellent way to show you care and that you’re excited. Use these four tips to ensure you find something helpful that the new parents will love!