Your First Move

Your first move is going to be one of the most exciting times in your life. Whether you’re moving out with a friend, your own, or your partner, there will be so many emotions running through your mind. That sense of freedom you know is soon coming is too much for some people. Couple this with a lot of stress and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster.  Moving into your first home is never easy, whether you’re renting or not. There will be a tonne of paperwork to fill out, and a tonne of smaller things to sort out that you won’t be able to avoid. But fear not, this article’s aim is to help you through the worst of it so you can enjoy the best of it.

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Your Items

This mainly applies if you’re buying a home. Once you’ve finally put your offer in, you might be in a rush to buy as many things as possible, only to realise the actual moving day and finalisation of it all is a little further ahead than you thought. This is where self storage for a month or two will come in handy. It’s a great way of keeping all the things you’ve bought safe, and not cluttering up your parents homes with all your things. They storage won’t be that expensive, and you should easily be able to find something local to you. Check out self storage locations near you and see what offers you can find. If you’ve bought a house but haven’t got anything yet, then you’re in for the best time of your life. Buying things for your first house is just so exciting, especially when you’re trying to vision where everything will go and what you want it to look like. Your inner interior designer will definitely blossom.


The Split

When it comes to moving out, everyone can’t wait to get out of the grasp of their overbearing parents. That smell of freedom is just too much for some people. But, moving out isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You’ll finally realise how much effort your parents go to in order to keep the house clean. You’ll also realise the nuisance that is having the majority of your hard earned money taken away as for bills quicker than it went into your account. You’ll realise a fairy will no longer do your washing and leave it neatly folded on your bed. The real world is just going to hit you hard, but after a few months you should start to get used to it. There’s no shame in popping round to your parents for a Sunday lunch now and then either. Chances are they’re really going to miss you too and will be overjoyed to see your face. When you do make the split, try and involve them as much as possible. They’ll be overbearing for one last time, but it’ll be so handy to have them around to help with things you’ve never done before.