Top ways to earn money while travelling

Many people think that the cost of travelling is simply too high, but if this is something you believe, think again. You can now make up some of this cost while you’re actually on the road, and here are some top ways to earn money while travelling: Rent out your car Instead of having your car sit at home in your driveway or in the airport parking lot, you can now rent it out instead…. Read more »

Vegas How Did It All Start

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world, with its numerous casinos, massive hotels and some of the best restaurants on the planet. You can gamble with millions of dollars on the no limit tables or see a show from some of the most popular people in showbiz. Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps offering passengers the experience of a lifetime.

But in reality,… Read more »

Top Tips for Planning a Stag Do in Liverpool

When it comes to planning a stag do in the UK, there are plenty of exciting places to consider. But one of the top destinations for a UK stag do is Liverpool – with ample bars, activities, hotels and restaurants to make sure this stag do goes with a bang. So, if you’re thinking of heading to Liverpool on your stag do (or you’re organising it on behalf of the groom-to-be) here are some of… Read more »

Why Pack Versatile Clothing When You Travel

As a frequent traveller, you end up packing a lot. As a result, you get very used to it. At first, packing is quite stressful. You dither wandering what to pack, how to get it all in and worrying you will accidently go over the luggage allowance.

Eventually, that all goes away, you know exactly what you are doing and feel perfectly comfortable travelling halfway across the world with just cabin… Read more »

Magical Destinations To Spend Christmas In 2017

Have you been inspired by the magic of Christmas this year? If not, maybe you wished that you’d planned ahead and booked a trip to one of the many amazing Christmas destinations across the globe. There is something for everyone in our list of top winter destinations. From snowy wonderlands to locations that offer you some winter sun, you will be thoroughly inspired to jet off to one of these destinations next December.

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Ways to Save Money on Travel Expenses

Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures in life, but it can come at a high price. Luckily, if you want to see the world on a budget, there are many ways to save money on travel expenses. Here are some great ideas to cut the cost of your next vacation.   Flexibility   If you can, try to be flexible with your vacation dates, especially if you are flying as this will allow you… Read more »

The World’s Best Places To Invest In Property

It’s been a sobering time for property investment in recent years. Property prices have gone from being a sure bet to one of the most volatile prices out there. And thanks to all of the uncertainty that still dogs the global economy, this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

But having said that, there are a few oases around the world where prices aren’t going to fall flat anytime soon. In fact, in… Read more »

Travel Years are at the Top of Most Bucket Lists

 More than 1000 Brits were recently surveyed by Into The Blue about their bucket lists, and the things they want to do before they die. The survey was for those who were 18 and older and respondents were asked what was at the top of their bucket lists. 40% of those surveyed said that travel was at the top of their lists, with the most popular destinations being Australia and the United States,… Read more »

Van Monster reveals who the Man With A Van really is

Van Monster recently launched a survey to find out who the man with a van really is — and the results are in. The survey, which was completed by van drivers, asked a number of questions relating to motoring, expenses and work, as well as more light-hearted topics such as what they listen to and even the sauce they have on their sarnies! Broken down by age group, the graphic paints a fun picture… Read more »