Tips for Buying Landscape Art

There’s no better feeling than walking away with a new piece of art that you know is going to perfectly match your home, office or business space. A good piece of art can totally transform the feeling of the room, brighten it up and make you feel more at home. Obviously the word “good” is subjective when it comes to landscape art, but we have some suggestions of ensuring you buy landscape art that… Read more »

Five Unusual Smoothie Ingredients You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

Morning smoothies are a great way to start your day off right. Jam packed with fruits and vegetables, done correctly a breakfast smoothie packs a wallop of nutrients into your day right off the bat, starting you on the track to healthy eating all day long. Sometimes, though, even the most gung-ho smoothie aficionado can get stuck in a boring blender rut. If you’re growing tired of the same combinations, check out these nutritious smoothie… Read more »