Top Priorities for Small Business Owners

Last year UK entrepreneurs created a record number of new businesses. The latest figures show that there were 581,173 businesses registered with Companies House last year, up from the previous all-time high of 526,446 in 2013. With more competition than ever before, though, small business owners will have to consider what their top priorities are if they’re going to be successful in the long term. Seeking Additional Investment Businesses require capital in order to… Read more »

Making Retirement As Simple as Possible

Approaching retirement can be daunting, and it can be fun. Here are some ways to make sure that your retirement goes as simply and smoothly as possible.

Get the Finances in Order Early

Before you go any further, you should think about getting your finances in order as quickly as possible. This might be a bit of a headache, and it might not be much fun to deal with, but you need… Read more »

Gifts for the quintessential British gentleman

Finding a gift for the quintessential British gentleman can be tough. With his refined taste and penchant for luxury, socks simply won’t cut it this year. If you’re struggling to buy for the lord of the manor, take a look at our selection of timeless gifts below:

Hand-built watches

Few gifts can wow as much as a Roger W. Smith watch. The painstaking process takes roughly six months, with the hand-built… Read more »

Ready for the New Year’s Fireworks?

Huge parties, champagne and comfort food are all indispensable parts of the New Year’s celebration. But the most iconic tradition of the night between the years is fireworks. Originally meant to scare evil spirits away, ensuring welfare and health for the year ahead. In time fireworks have become a tradition, evolving from a spirit-ousting ritual into a spectacular show painting the night sky in colors. But some shows are more spectacular than others. There are… Read more »

Schooling Differences Around the World

Regardless of who you are and of where you live, education is important. And while it may be equally crucial all over the world, the harsh truth is that there are a lot of schooling differences from one country to the other. What are some of the largest differences in how schooling happens in different places on Earth? We have gathered some of the most important things you should know about this – so read… Read more »

Tips for Buying Landscape Art

There’s no better feeling than walking away with a new piece of art that you know is going to perfectly match your home, office or business space. A good piece of art can totally transform the feeling of the room, brighten it up and make you feel more at home. Obviously the word “good” is subjective when it comes to landscape art, but we have some suggestions of ensuring you buy landscape art that… Read more »

Five Unusual Smoothie Ingredients You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

Morning smoothies are a great way to start your day off right. Jam packed with fruits and vegetables, done correctly a breakfast smoothie packs a wallop of nutrients into your day right off the bat, starting you on the track to healthy eating all day long. Sometimes, though, even the most gung-ho smoothie aficionado can get stuck in a boring blender rut. If you’re growing tired of the same combinations, check out these nutritious smoothie… Read more »